What disc would be involved when I have burning pain in the neck with radiating pain in the arms? The burning pain in my neck causes numbness also?

1 or Several. Burning pain in neck/arms may or may not involve disk(s). At Google image "neck vertebrae" and "brachial plexus". The plexus is complicated: nerve roots and trucks combine, separate then form separate nerves that supply strength and sensation to your arms and neck (and shoulders and upper back/chest). Only way to know if disk is involved starts w/doctor's exam.
Could be C5, C6, C7. C5 is the deltoid region of the arm. C6 is the thumb and index finger C7 is the middle finger C8 is the little finger. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome can also cause neck burning and arm symptoms, and generally affects C8, up the forearm. You really need a specialist to sort this out.

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Can bulging discs in my lower back cause me neck pain and my left arm to have a burning sensation? Sometimes it's both upper arms mostly by shoulders

No, it should not. No. Lumbar (lower back) disc herniations should not cause neck pain or left arm symptoms. Cervical (neck) disc herniations however may cause your symptoms. Read more...
Neck pain . Pain in the neck and arms/shoulders correspond to the cervical spine. The lower back discs affect the low back and legs. Read more...