I have bilateral ankle clonus. Spine MRI was normal. Seeing a neurologist soon. Could MS-disease cause this by affeting the brain instead of spine?

Clonus. Clonus is a sign that suggests the pathway that regulates muscle contraction was disrupted at some time. It is possible that changes in the brain, not the spine, caused this. But consider this- some people are born this way, and it does not mean that you will eventually be found to have MS. If you had clonus in one ankle, maybe I would think otherwise.
Yes. Yes, that is one of multiple causes. The presence of clonus suggests that you have "spasticity" which is typically associated with some abnormality of the upper motor nerves of the central nervous system; which includes the brain and the cervical and thoracic spine. Thank you for the question.

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I have lesions on my brain and in my spine (MRI), clonus, and slight off and on tingling in my hands and feet. Could this be MS?

Only a doctor can . Give you a definitive diagnosis on whether its MS or seizures or gluten. Get 2nd opinions. Gluten allergies/celiac can present similarly & once your diet is changed, the lesions can disappear. Make sure your Vitamin D3 levels are norma. Have an integrative neurologist work with you.Read Dr. Perlmutter's 'Grain Brain'to rule it out.Then have your doctor work you up, see eye doctor too for work up. Read more...

A year ago left leg went tingly. No symptoms since but when body temp rises shower/weather heel tingles. Scared of ms but negative brain and spine mri?

Other neuropathy. There are many other causes of neuropathy that should be investigated. MS is feared, but (fortunately) VERY rare - you are more likely to have diabetic neuropathy (esp with negative tests so far) or neuropathy from another cause. Follow-up with your neurologist; relay your symptom & association with body temp. Perhaps they'll get to a diagnosis. Alternatively, use HealthTap Prime. Good luck & thx. Read more...