Can you tell me about cerebellar atrophy?

Yes, but... Cerebellar atrophy is potentially a huge subject and can't fit into 400 words. Google cerebellar atrophy with NIH or emedicine or wiki to find good articles on the subject. A common cause in our society is long-term alcohol use. The reason the roadside "drunk test" includes balance and limb control tests (tandem walk, nose-touching) is that acute and chronic, alcohol hits the cerebellum hard.

Related Questions

What's cerebellar atrophy?

Shrinkage. The cerebellum is a posterior area of the brain important in balance and coordination. Atrophy implies this area is shrinking in size. Some causes could include alcohol abuse, hereditary spinocerebellar degenerations, and chronic ms. The underlying causation should be sought, as some conditions are reversible or controllable.

Can cerebellar atrophy be reversed?

Cerebellar atrophy. Cerebellar atrophy from any cause is not reversible. Treating the underlying cause may prevent it from getting worse such as alcohol and vitamin E deficiency etc.

What's olivopontine cerebellar atrophy?

Degenerative disease. A large group of sporadic and inherited disorders with symptom onset in the 5th decade of life. Main manifestations include ataxia, first in the legs then arms, hands and facial muscles. Characterized by extensive degeneration of the cerebellum, pontine nuclei and medullary olivary nuclei, opca's have been described with many other clinical findings. Treatment is symtom specific and variable.

How common is cerebellar atrophy in the world?

Cerebellar atrophy. Findings of cerebellar atrophy is not that uncommon, the key question is whether it might be associated with other neurological problems. If this finding showed up as part of a routine study for something else then likely not a problem. If there is an issue a neurologist could likely sort this out.

Is cerebellar atrophy fatal?

No. Cerebellar atrophy can be associated with long term Phenytoin use and alcohol consumption. It by itself is not a fatal condition.

Because of "diffuse cerebellar atrophy" my friend can not able to pregnant.?

No relationship. Pts with diffuse cerebellar atrophy can have balance and coordination issues, but this area of brain does not affect female hormonal function or pregnancy.

If I have cerebellar atrophy (not from alcohol), should I avoid all alcohol, including that found in cold medicines?

Limit it. Alcohol that might make anyone slightly clumsy would be very dangerous for you -- not so much that they would speed your illness but that you might hurt yourself. The cerebellar atrophies are troublesome and you have my sympathy.
Why is it present? Many different causes for cerebellar atrophy, but, in your age group, lf this is sporadic and not familial, there should be an energetic search for etiology, which could involve medications, occult tumors, and a variety of diseases, including ms, cadasil, arteritis, alcohol/nutritional, etc.