Can you have braces on top of fissure sealants?

Sure thing. The pit & fissure sealants are on the top, biting surfaces of the teeth. Orthodontic specialists would have little reason to put a brace in that location. In addition, we place a sealant on the front surface of teeth as we apply braces to help protect the enamel.
Yes. Pit and fissure sealants are on the occlusal (biting) surfaces of the molar teeth. These will have no effect whatsoever on the placement of orthodontic braces.
No. Fissure sealants are on the biting surfaces of teeth and brackets are bonded to to smooth surface (sides) of the tooth.

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Can you have braces on top of fissure sealant?

Yes. Braces are attached to the teeth on different spots than where sealants are placed.
Yes. Usually brackers (braces) are placed on the cheek surface of the teeth wile sealants are placeed on the top surface of the teeth. On the lower molars there is a cheek surface fissure to which brackets can be attached if it is sealed. The sealant can always be redone if necessary after treatment. The bracket bonding material and the sealant are very similar adhesives.
Yes. Sealants are usually on the biting surfaces of the back teeth. Yes you should be able to have braces with sealants on your teeth.