How is cervical cancer diagnosed?

Biopsy. A small sample of tissue is taken from the cervix and is evaluated under the microscope by a pathology doctor. These doctors are trained to determine if tissue shows the presence of cancer.
Pap smear. During a gyn exam, cells from the cervix are placed on slides and reviewed by pathologists who can tell if they are abnormal or not.

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How is cervical cancer diagnosed and treated?

Biopsy of cervix. Cervical cancer usually is, diagnosed by gynecologist, or a physician, who is comfortable doing a gynecologic examination. Abnormality seen in the pap smear or finding lesion on clinical examination during a pelvic exam may prompt biopsy. It is treated by surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or a combination of these treatments, depending on stage and extent of disease involvement.
Cervical cancer. After an abnormal pap, cervical cancer is diagnosed by a tissue biopsy. The treatment depends upon patient's health and stage.

How can cervical cancer be diagnosed and treated today and in the 90s?

Depends. Not much has changed in terms of principles of treatment: a) early stage - surgery b) later stage - radiation + chemo or chemo diagnosis - pap smear. More efforts in educating women to get pap smears are in place now compared to the 90s as well as educating the role of hpv with cervical cancer now. This is a good review on cervical cancer http://www. Cancer. Net/cancer-types/cervical-cancer.

How fast can cervical cancer be diagnosed? Currently sexually inactive but had few times of oral sex 4 months ago.

Get followed. Hopefully you're getting regular pap smears. Cervical cancer isn't going to develop overnight and is almost always preceded by at least one abnormal pap smear while it is still extremely curable.

How could my doctor diagnose cervical cancer?

Exam and Pap smear. I is important to have regular pelvic examinations and pap smears. Both of these things are used to help screen for cervical cancer.
Cervical Cancer. A pap smear, pelvic exam, possible biopsy, and hpv testing, along with certain imaging studies, are often used by gyn practitioners to assess the risk of cervical cancer. Consult with your gynecologist and take it from there.

How are you tested for cervical cancer? Is pap enough to diagnose?

Start with pap smear. Pap smear is a screening test for cervical cancer. If papsmear is abnormal further test like colposcopy with biopsy or endometrial sampling or other test would probaby be needed - depending on the papmsear/biopsy result - to establish a diagnosis. Discuss further with your gynecologist and have serial papsmear as recommended.

I am new to birth control, but possible diagnose of cervical cancer. How high am I at risk?

Minimal risk. If you mean risk for cervical cancer because of birth control, it is not increased. Studies have shown some association but it is likely related to sexual practices. In other words, if you have multiple sexual partners then there is higher risk of getting the HPV virus which is at least partly related to cervical cancer. But the hormones in the pills will not increase your risk per se.

Will a CT scan (no contrast) detect cervical cancer if it's stage 2B or above? I realize a CT can't diagnose cervical cancer, I'm just wondering how likely it is that something would show up on a ct.

Possible. A CT scan is a general diagnostic tool. It is possible to pick up a mass on CT depending on the size and the body of the person. However there is no way to be 100% sure it is a cancer until further testing, usually biopsy, is performed.
Less likely. CT without IV contrast is not very accurate in visualizing cervical cancer. MRI is more likely to see the lesion. Your doctors are looking to see if there had been spread beyond the cervix. But you still need the IV contrast.