Will I have to eat foods only on my right side for 3 months when 2 lower left back teeth are first bone grafted prior to dental implants?

For the most part! A major key to success in a bone grafting procedure is to leave the area undisturbed during the initial phase of healing when the blood supply to the graft is developing. As the graft becomes more integrated with your body, you'll be able to function more in that area. Be sure to follow your doctor's instruction exactly for eating and for hygiene. .
2 to 3 weeks. Usually we recommend to avoid the area for 2 to 3 weeks, thereafter you should not eat hard food on the affected side. The bone graft is usually protected by a membrane to prevent it from wandering - crumbling. In most cases, after 2 weeks, you will normally see the Dr for evaluation, he or she will give you additional instructions based on your particular condition. .
Soft diet 2 weeks. is recommended only for 7-10 days. Then avoid hard, crumbly, particulate foods (e.g. popcorn, peanuts, crust, rice, corn, peas, raisins, etc.). Eat other food carefully to protect the bone graft site, for approximately four weeks. Good luck.
Not typically. Sometimes you will find you have to chew predmoinantly on one side simply because you are missing teeth, but most grafts are comfortable enough to be able to chew after just a few weeks.
No. Once the initial healing is completed - usually a few weeks, you may use the left side for chewing. Always best not to chew on the grafted area, but the teeth in front are fine to chew with. .