How can I get my torn earlobe repaired. It has healed up split!?

Minor Procedure. The edges of the adjacent split skin can be removed and the raw surfaces sutured back together. This is very commonly done.
Ear lobule repair. A stretched torn ear lobule can be repaired ; contoured to an improved shape by plastic/cosmetic surgeons as an office based procedure. An ear stud can be placed immediately by a local flap technique during the repair. In the longterm, patients are advised to not wear heavy, dangling earrings to minimize recurrence of problem.
Minor procedure. Cleft(split) earlobes can be easily corrected under local anesthesia with a minor procedure. Sutures would be placed to close the slit and then the ear could be repierced in about 3-4 months if desired.
Yes. We do this in the office frequently, both for males and females. Local anesthesia is used. Sutures are placed. The sutures come out in about a week. We have patients hold off on re-piercing for a while, and then not have them pierce through the small scar.