What do I need to know about dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers. Facial fillers or dermal fillers are cosmetic treatments performed in the office with minimal local anesthesia. Results are typically immediate and last for several months or years. Example treatment areas may include the lips, smile lines, cheeks, or under eyes. A large variety of facial fillers are available, such as restylane, juvederm, radiesse, sculptra, and belotero.
Many options. There are many fda approved fillers available. The right choice depends on where they are injected and what the goal is. This is a complicated issue and can only be answered by visiting with a health care professional who has experience with fillers.
Dermal fillers FAQ. There is lots to know about dermal fillers, depending on the area (s) you wish to volumize. Not all fillesr should be used in all areas. Physicians have specific preferences based on their experiences and success with the different fillers. Juvederm, restylane, perlane, prevelle, radiesse, artefill. Which one is best for you? Consult with a recommended cosmetic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist.