I need to know how much does cancer radiation treatments cost?

Cost of radiation. There is no set cost for radiation: it depends on the place you are being treated (some states have cheaper cost)and the site you are having treated. The planning used and the number of treatments will also play a factor. The range of cost can be from 3000 to 50, 000 dollars us. Ask your doctors financial/billing team to give you a estimate when you first go for consult.
Ask your doctor. What will be cost of radiation treatment costs varies from location to location, type of radiation like gamma knife radiation, or implantation of source into body etc. Best person to answer your question is your radiation doctor, most of the time insurance, insurance including medicaid covers the treatment costs.

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Need to know how much does cancer radiation treatments cost?

Call and ask. You should call the cancer center you have been referred to for this answer. The type and amount of radiation are important, and there are different charges in each and every practice.
Why? Cost is important of course, but curious why you need to know this?

Can you tell me the process of cancer radiation treatment?

Rad treatment steps. 1. Evaluation by radiation oncologist to determine if radiation is an option 2. If so, need to do a planning session to determine the area to treat. Known as simulation. May involve imaging like ct 3. Radiation oncologist works with physics staff to get a good plan on computer 4. Plan then executed on the radiation treatment machine.

Which radioisotope is now used in cancer radiation treatment?

There are many. Isotopes in use for cancer and benign disease treatment - the list goes from the original radium being re-tooled for prostate treatment to iodine isotopes, 131 for thyroid conditions and 125 as a sealed source for prostate brachytherapy. Narrow your question and I can be very specific.

Need expert opinions about skin cancer radiation treatment?

Not usual Rx. Radiation is not usually used to treat skin cancer. Surgery is the usual approach. See this site for more info. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/skin-cancer/ds00190.

If radioactivity can cause cancer, do cancer radiation treatments radiate the people around the patients?

NO. Patients who received radiation, the radiation energy like gamma rays dissipates in the tissues immediately, and patients can not re emit radiation, and safe to other people. Similarly implantable so called ' radiation seeds' are safe to other people and environment.
No, except. External beam radiation does not make the patient radioactive and they do not emit radiation. The exception being the few cases in which radioactive material is implanted in the patient, e.g., radioactive seeds for treatment of prostate cancer.

I had prostate cancer radiation treatment, last psa test was. 58. If cancer do reoccur what kind symptoms will I get physically, feel, notice etc.?

Varies. If you are following psa, and your cancer recurs, vey often the patient is asymptomatic - the only symptom may be anxiety about the test result. Otherwise symptoms have to do with sight of recurrence- most common is bone pain or fracture.
Psa. Unlikely you will feel symptoms of recurrence unless very rapidly growing ca. The psa is the first sign of possible recurrence, very important to get psa checks on regular basis.

64 yr. Old man with prior successful prostate cancer radiation treatment 3 yrs ago. Solar plexus pain. What organ if concern with cancer?

May be... After a successful rt for prostate cancer (pca), the patient will still require a lifelong f/u for possible rising psa after definitive rx; it's reasonable to do so every 6 months for the described one by repeating psa and with clinical assessment. Solar plexus pain is very unlikely related with pca. Instead, consider hypertension-related or idiopathic. Pca-related pain occurs in its late stage.