How old do you have to be for breast surgery?

Adult. Cosmetic breast surgery can be performed after the age of 18, this allows enough time for breast development and for you to make an informed decision. Reconstructive breast surgery can be performed at a younger age.
It depends . Elective breast surgery is most commonly for lifting, reduction, enlargement or some combination. Typically a woman should be at least 18 years old and both physically and emotionally mature to undergo elective breast surgery. Arrange a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options.
Old enough. If you are talking plastic surgery, no would recommend waiting until after having all kids you plan to have.
No age limit. Although we usually like to wait until the breasts have finished maturing before performing any surgery on them, a small percentage of adolescent girls can have a significant increase in their breast size that can cause neck and back pain. These patients are candidates for a breast reduction.