Does stress increase my likelihood of developing breast cancer?

Stress. Stress is a negative immunomodulator meaning it decreases the effectiveness of the immune system which slows healing and immune response among other things. There are some who believe it can contribute to worse outcomes in any disease and maybe increase the risk of disease. You will be healthier overall if you learn stress reduction techniques [yoga, meditation, etc].
Not known. It has not been scientifically proven that stress causes cancer. Some viruses cause cancers, so it is possible that stress alters the way the body fights off or deals with viruses, and could make one more susceptible to developing cancers. Stress can alter the function of the immune system, perhaps making it harder for the immune system to detect and destroy mutant cells before they reproduce.

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Can stress cause breast cancer?

Stress/Cancer. No direct correlation, although stress can alter the immune system function in the long run.
No. Stress does not cause breast cancer, but there was a study done previously that showed stress can increase your chances of getting it. So it is not causal. Stress can alter immune system function and when the immune system is not working properly this is when cancer cells can take hold.

What kind of impact does stress have on breast cancer?

Very Important. There is no link between stress and development of breast cancer. Stress can adversely affect a womans' ability to undergo complex and lengthy breast cancer treatment- this in turn can lead to inferior results. Patients without psychosocial support for stress can develop problems such as ptsd, strained spousal relationships, sexual problems, etc.
Stress can cause it. Very recently there was a study that identified stress as an independent cause of a type of breast cancer-called triple negativethis type is very aggressive even at a small size. It means that this type does not have hormone receptors for estrogen and Progesterone also is negative for her2 receptors. This type accounts for about 15% of all breast cancer. We don't have targeted tx yet.
Doesn't help. There is not clear evidence, but decreasing your stress has to be good thing.
Stress and cancer. No strong evidence that stress causes any cancer. However, those who attempt to manage their stress with risky behaviors such as smoking or drinking alcohol- can increase the risk to have cancer related to their behavior. Also, from experimental studies- it's suggested that stress can affect a tumor’s ability to grow and spread. Emotional and social support can help cope with psychological stress.

Is triple negative type breast cancer hereditary? Or can it be caused by stress and overweight?

Maybe. The majority of brca1 positive patients that get breast cancer have triple negative breast cancer. Overweight patients may have tougher time breathing but a chest xray or other imaging for stating may be indicated for treatment of triple negative disease. There are many clinical trials available for this disease and they usually include a thorough staging workup.
Maybe and no. Neither stress nor obesity cause breast cancer of any type. Triple negative does have some hereditary component but many women get it without any family history of breast or other cancers.

My mom has stage 3 breast cancer im 31 and have never had a mammogram and I don't have insurance how can I get checked out with out paying a lot im very stressed out about it. Does anyone know a place to go in denver?

Sorry, Do't worry. Majority of breast cancers are not hereditary, besides your mom, other members of your family, your aunts in mother's side have it, then you need genetic studies, braca I &ii. Other wise at your age, regular breast exams only rarely mammogram indicated. Your community hospitals will take care of uninsured poor patients free, call your local american cancer society.
Health dept. The natl breast & cervical cancer program is offered in all 50 states. You may need to check with your local (county) or city health deptment for information. Check with mammogram centers in your area, who are usually funded by komen or avon to provide free screenings. Http://www. Cdc. Gov/cancer/nbccedp/.

Does the drug methimazole increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer?

No. Methimazole has not, as far as I am aware, been linked to breast cancer.
No. I am not aware of any such problem with methimazole. Only drugs that have estrogenic hormone like properties have some small risk.