Can you tell me how someone kick an opiate addiction?

Many . Ways to help someone get off the opioids. I would talk to your doctor and get on a weaning program. Also there are non addicting meds to help with the withdraw symptoms. Ask questions so you are prepared for what will happen. Good luck .
By uncontrol opiate . if control substances will be use in irresponsible manner they can result in addiction.

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Can you tell me how can someone kick an opiate addiction?

With help. Firstly, i admire you. It may be easier (or harder) than you expect, but it's a good thing to do in any case. There are resources to help. Withdrawal can be serious and it's wise to have medical support thru that stage. Maintenance is also easier with support. There are groups as well as individual therapists for that. Best wishes on this effort. A good link: http://www.Addictions.Com/opiate/. Read more...

Can you tell me how could someone kick an opiate addiction?

Various ways. Short-term detox with methadone, Buprenorphine or Clonidine can be effective, especially when combined with an intensive treatment program, but the relapse rates are high. There are "blocking" agents like naltrexone, also available as a long-acting injection (vivitrol), which protects the person from "getting high" on opioids. Maintenance therapies with methadone/buprenorphine have best results. Read more...