How much time is the recovery after having a fasciotomy for chronic exertional compartment syndrome?

Depends. Depends on location of fasciotomy (arm or leg), was it open or closed, was the exposed muscle grafted if it was an open fasciotomy? The best person to answer this question is the surgeon who did the procedure. If it was done in a timely manner, with no nerve or muscle injury, recovery is usually quick, a month or two.

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Had fasciotomy for chronic compartment syndrome. Scar spit out three stitches. Took 10 days antibiotics. Looks ok should we worry about stitches?

See your surgeon. Everything sounds OK from your description. As long as the scar is closed and shows no sign of infection, then the stitches coming out is often a normal reaction to the foreign body. However, since you have a history of compartment syndrome it is wise for you to see your surgeon again to give you a clean bill of health. Read more...