Will aciphex (rabeprazole) heartburn med (or its generic equivalent) cause coughing and a constant tickle in the throat?

Reflux does. Your are describing symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease - cough, tickling in throat, it may also cause sour taste and heart burn. I believe this is the reason you are taking aciphex (rabeprazole). Talk to your doctor if symptoms don't improve. It may also be due to post nasal drip.

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Does aciphex (rabeprazole) heartburn meds (or a generic equivalent) cause coughing and tickling in the throat?

Probably not. Any medication could potentially cause any side effect. The ones you mentioned are not common for antacids. However, acid reflux can cause coughing and a tickle in the throat. So, it may be the underlying condition rather than the medication which is causing the symptoms. Read more...