How to treat unrinary infection?

Antibiotics. The first thing to do is confirm a urinary tract infection. If it's recent you may use an antibiotic such as Bactrim DS, Macrobid, or Cipro (ciprofloxacin). 3 days for bactrim DS, longer for the others. You should visit your local doc for proper confirmation and possible culture of your urine to check for antibiotic resistence and cause of your urinary tract infection.

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How can you treat unrinary infection?

Treatment of UTI. That depends: where in the urinary tract the infection is present and if indeed there is an infection present. A lower tract infection may be treated with a short course of antibiotics but a deep kidney infection may take weeks of IV antibiotics. Ut symptoms may be an infection but may also be from a vaginal infection or hypersensitivity from soaps, perfumes, or other topical agents. Read more...