My neurologist did an MRI thinking my symptoms were from my temperal lobe epilepsy. The MRI showed atrophy of the brain. Now having neuro testing.?

Sounds right. The MRI will show if there is a structural cause for your symptoms. However, not all people with epilepsy have something structurally wrong with their brains. Instead, there is an electrical problem. Your doctor will probably perform and eeg to evaluate the electrical signals traveling through your brain.
MRIs & neuro testing. Of course, the real question is why did you get the MRI in the first place. One would assume there were some kind of neurological symptoms. A lot of people have mild atrophy on their mris without any symptoms. It's really up to you whether to have more testing. The key question is will further testing lead to information that will help treat your symptoms.
Hmmm atrophy. At 43 is unusual. Did you have a really good MRI done on a 3t 32 channel head coil system. If not you might consider having this on your next scan. Ask your doc if he thinks the focal atrophy of your temporal lobe is associated with your seizures.