What can you expect from post hypospadias surgery?

Straight penis with. Urinary opening at or close to tip of gnas. In fact, ideally penis should look normal after after operative swelling has settled down. Subect should be able to urinate with a full and forceful stream. Hopefully avoids having either a urethral stricure, fistula (urethral leak) or persistent penile curvature.
Normal penis. After surgery, an uncomplicated repair will result in a normal appearing circumcised penis that only an astute md could tell had prior surgery. Complications (fistula, cosmetic concerns, meatal stenosis, among others) occurs with an incidence directly related to the severity of the hypospadias. A catheter may be left in place for 1-2 weeks which can cause bladder spasms. Swelling is common.
Hypospadias surgery. Hypospadias surgery is performed to correct displacement of the urinary opening on the penis. The surgery is usually uneventful, except possibly for 4th degree hypospadias which requires a much more extensive plastic surgical repair. After surgery you should expect pain and short-term urinary difficulty; appetite may be off for a while, but more likely bottle or breast feeding will soothe.