How soon will we have an fda approved artificial pancreas for type one diabetes?

Artificial pancreas . The artificial pancreas is a continuous glucometer that communicates with an Insulin pump. They exist but are not fda approved due to issues with hypoglycemia, but will likely be the future of Insulin care. Pancreas transplantation is currently the most reliable way to achieve optimized glycemic control at the price of a large operation and lifelong immunosuppression.
Don't know. There is a lot of reasearch being done on this but there is no wasy of establishing a timetable for the final product.
Hard to say. It seems that we are still a few years away from that goal. The fda and the diabetes researchers and engineers have to be sure the system is safe. The communication and computer programs which control the continuous glucose monitoring and Insulin pump system would need to be thoroughly tested and proven before fda approval. Fda approved outpatient trial recently http://tinyurl.Com/7k7axqx.
Four years. Top research centers across the country are deeply engaged in clinical trials evaluating the "control to range" artificial pancreas system. Various hardware ranging from tubed pumps to ios and android (methyltestosterone) mobile phones and cgm's are being evaluated. Inpatient trials have progressed to outpatient trials with data from diabetes camp's in pediatric patients. Best estimates place approval in 2019.