Is it bad to feed your 5 month old rice cereal while laying down?

Yes. Babies start life designed to be satisfied with just the right number of calories - as long as they control the pace of eating and they are not tricked by empty calories or junk food. Better for babies to sit when eating solids and to skip processed white flour cereals altogether. See more at www. Drgreene. Com/colorin and www. Drgreene. Com/whiteout. Bon appetit!

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What do I do if my 5 month old baby has bad acid reflux? I put rice cereal in his bottle but it only makes him constipated.

Reflux. Sometimes changing the milk helps. Sometimes medicine is required. Your doctor can help you determine what you need.
Baby reflux ideas. Are you sure it is acid reflux? See a doctor because there are medications that can help. Sit baby upright and do not let the baby bend too much in stomach area while eating and afterwards. Try smaller frequent meals try a different grain in the bottle (barley?). Could try a different formula. Breast feed the next one! Can introduce prune juice to reduce constipation. Try whole grain rice.