I have uncontrolled dm2 (hga1c is 8.0) but no kidney abnormality seen on bloodworkup nor do I have any htn. Do I still need to take acei for kidneys?

Yes. Uncontrolled diabetes is a silent killer and causes kidney problems. You need to request your pcp to order urine microalbumin to check for early stages of kidney problems. Irrespective of blood work acei/arb are shown to cause modulation in glomerular pressure(inside kidney) and help with renal protection.Goal in diabetic patients is <130/80. If there is protein goal is <120/70.
Uncontrolled DM2. Acei may still be indicated for type 2 diabetics if you have microalbuminuria even if your kidney function is normal (egfr>90) on bloodworkup and your BP is normal (sbp<120, dbp<80).