Fundoplication operation @ start of year. Severe bloating+discomfort, worse afternoons, gurgling lower down had endo+colo. Suggestions on tests to do?

Gas-Bloat Syndrome. The gas-bloat syndrome is a complication of fundoplication where air is swallowed has no place to go, but to stretch out your stomach, giving pain and bloating. As the air moves into the colon, gurgling is often heard. This is a difficult problem to fix, because it is hard to "unlearn" air swallowing. Avoid carbonated beverages, straws, and slurping. Redo of your fundoplication last resort.
Unfortunately normal. Unfortunately, a common side effect of a fundoplication is gas bloat. It is a difficult problem to fix. Try avoiding carbonated beverages and gas producing foods. Over-the-counter anti-gas medications may be helpful.
Gallbladder. You may have a broader diagnosis that includes your reflux disorder, such as dysmotility of upper GI tract, celiac disease or some others. At this point, your team of docs should consider gallbladder tests. A nuclear scan/tech hida, will evaluate your gb for function. An ulttrasound will evaluate gb for stones and wall thickness. Good luck.