What do you do when your creatinine level is elevated?

Why do you ask? If it's just from bodybuilding, ignore it. When I was lifting weights daily, I ran 1.6-1.8. Same applies if you've got a lot of muscle because you're overweight. Otherwise, get with your physician about why your kidneys may not be working to capacity. Very often it's meds -- ibuprofen is infamous. How's your BUN and urinalysis? Best wishes.
ELEVATED CREATININE. If in blood you find that the creatinine level is elevated you try to find the cause of the abnormal test.It can be elevated due to dehydration you correct that by fluids .If it is elevated due to obtruction to the passage of urine correct that it comes down.But if is due to chronic condition like diabetes or high bp, then you try to control these to prevent further rise.If goes over 6dialysis.
Check kidneys. Elevated creatinine is an indication of reduced kidney function. The causes of this could be many and should be evaluated.