I have shoulder pain and it's going to my hand and now I can't pick up nothing?

See your doctor. Since you are now having trouble picking things up, you really should see a doctor. Shoulder pain can be very debilitating in and of itself, but you may in fact be having nerve damage from your neck that is causing both your shoulder to hurt and weakness in your arm or hand. If you are having true weakness, this is rather urgent. Once you have nerve damage, sometimes function does not return.
Maybe tendinitis. If the pain is only associated with movement or activities, you may have inflammation of the rotator cuff and bursa. If the pain is more continuous, it could be a rotator cuff tear or pinched nerve. Some people develope pain in an extremity after a viral illness (cold or flu), due to inflammation of the nerves. Start with ice and nsaid's. If you don't feel better in a week or so, see your pcp.