Had an inversion ankle sprain 3m ago, have no problem walking or jogging lightly but still some discomfort/pain when I sprint or stretch is this ok?

No problem. Doesn't sound abnormal for a more significant sprain. Would work on strengthening and proprioception exercises. If not improving to your satisfaction physical therapy can help.
Rehab. Ankle sprains can be more difficult to recover from than fractures because it is soft tissue injury and you don't make a bone-patch like with a fracture. You may need to do some physical therapy to strengthen the ankle, your doctor can give you a home program or even refer you for a few sessions with a physical therapist so you learn to do them correctly. You want to avoid reinjury from weakness.
Too soon to tell. I always worry about ankle sprains. The ligaments holding your ankle together are small but incredibly strong. Once they tear it's difficult to predict how the ankle will repsond. Assuming you only injured the ligaments and did not sustain bone damage you can expect a sprain to take 3 months minimum to heal and perhaps as long as a year. Avoid activities that irritate or stress the joint.