How to know if I have kidney failure?

See a doctor. Hi LuYork1. "Kidney failure" can represent 1 of 2 conditions. Either immediate damage (acute kidney injury) or long term damage (chronic kidney disease). Both conditions may have associated symptoms, but often times patients do no experience symptoms at all. The only way to diagnose and manage suspected kidney diseases are with blood and urine tests, with the guidance of a physician. .

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How do I know if I have kidney failure?

Blood tests. , kidney ultrasound, urine tests should be able to confirm this. As far as the symptoms go, they could be vague. Here are two helpful articles: http://www.Kidneydoctorbradenton.Org/2013/04/what-are-signs-and-symptoms-of-ckd.Html http://www.Kidneydoctorbradenton.Org/2013/03/how-do-physicians-check-your-kidneys.Html. Read more...

How to know if I have stage 5 kidney failure?

Blood test. The stage of chronic kidney disease is based on the results of a blood test. Your doctor can help answer your question and refer you to a nephrologist if indicated. Best of luck. Read more...