Is it ok to smoke marijuana 2weeks after a concussion?

No. I rarely ever endorse marijuana use. There are a few medicinal uses including for chronic pain, but this is prescribed only in very special and highly controlled circumstances. Marijuana use during concussion recovery is an especially poor idea.
Not the best. Thing for a brain that is trying to heal from an injury. Marijuana in younger people (and 23 is younger), especially if heavy and regular use, can impair intellect, reduce ability to learn and remember things, and wouldn't be what I would recommend after a head injury.

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Doctor cleared me from having concussion. I passed the Impact test. 3 weeks since injury. Can I smoke marijuana?

Marijuana. Use has nothing to do with a concussion. Will not give you permission to smoke this drug which has its own health risks and limited studies to show any medicinal benefit beyond anecdotal.

Concussion 2 weeks ago. Doctor cleared me to drink alcohol moderately. When is it safe for my brain to smoke marijuana again? (Decriminalized my state)

Marijuana is leagal. In your state and I understand that. Unless it is processed and medially supervised, I don't think it's a good idea for you to smoke it at any time. See the brain scans of Daniel Amen, MD, on those smoking it. If you have anxiety use other natural relaxants and techniques. See www. Relaxationresponse. Org.