Can I eat sushi while breastfeeding?

Yes. Sushi can be wonderful, healthful food during nursing. 3 health risks to know about 1) mercury. Some large fish, such as bluefin tuna can have high levels of mercury. You may want to minimize these choices. 2) parasites. Very rare in us. (<40 cases per year, mostly raw salmon or mackerel). Freezing, smoking, vinegar drops risk. 3) pufferfish. Fugu has potent poison if not prepared right. Why risk?
Yes. A breastfeeding mom "can" eat sushi, but it is safer to eat other foods instead of sushi. One reason is the mercury in fish. A person who eats more than 2 servings of fish a week may be taking in too much mercury. A second reason is that sushi often has uncooked seafood in it. Uncooked seafood can contain live viruses, bacteria, and parasites; but cooking the food usually kills those things.
Yes. Fresh sushi from a reputable place poses no risk to your baby. As with eating any uncooked fish, infection is a risk, but only for you, not your baby. Some fish (salmon, flounder, sole) have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which help the heart and brain development of your baby. Avoid the fish with high levels of mercury (shark, swordfish, king mackeral). California roll, anyone?
Yes. Maybe! because it is uncooked, listeria, a type of food poisoning can be a concern. Also, eating too much fish can be a source of mercury exposure. So, if you are sure the sushi is well prepared, fresh and comes from a reputable source, it should be safe. If in doubt, opt for something else.
Yes. Avoid large predatory fish such as tuna or mahi-mahi, they are high in mercury. And, of course, make sure it's fresh and of good quality.
Yes. If the sushi is freshly caught, from reputable dealers, managed and prepared correctly, it should pose no hazard to the mom, or the baby. "listeria" is a concern with raw foods but if the above conditions are met it should be fine.
No. Yes and no. You may eat sushi as long as it does not contain raw seafood. Too many issues can arise with raw fish in sushi so I do not recommend it.