Got small piece (s) of glass in bottom of foot. Soaking in epsom now. Any chance (at all) that glass could somehow go up into bloodstream? What 2 do?

Glass in foot. There is near zero chance that the glass could get into your blood stream; even a small chip is way too big. The problems you commonly see is that you may get an infection where the glass cut your skin (this will hurt), or the area may not heal properly with the glass (depending on where it is and how deep). If it is not hurting, it can be safe to just wait. Your body will slowly try to extrude it.
Glass in foot. The first right thing to do is to see your podiatrist and get the glass removed and be evaluated for infection. There is no chance the glass will get into your bloodstream.
Not likely. That is not likely to occur. You might need to have it surgically removed though.