I'm 25. I find I hard to open up to ppl, find it hard to. Connect to. Ppl around me and feel judged...Do I need a psychiatrist? Or is that normal?

Consult. It sounds like it would be worthwhile to consult with a psychologist and/or psychiatrist. They will ask questions to determine if treatment is necessary. How much and what kind of treatment you might or might not need would depend on the severity of the symptoms you describe and how much it impairs your social, occupational, academic and/or family life.
Talk therapy. I don't think you need a psychiatrist. You probably don't even need a doctor. However, if in the rest of your life - at work, with family and friends, or at school - you're finding it hard to adjust and you're having problems sleeping, eating, feeling guilty, sad, depressed, then i would talk with a doctor first. They could even give you some recommendations of good therapists or counselors.
Judgement. I would find a reputable psychotherapist to talk to about what your feelings, fears, and concerns mean to YOU. You will not be judged; you will be heard in a safe environment.