What is x linked occular albinism?

Partial albinism. This is a form of albinism, which is partial, and linked to a defect on the x-chromosome. Because of this it occurs in males. It has the much less skin paleness, grey blue eyes rather than pink and a little pigment instead of the totally wiped out albinism of the pure recessive type. But these people still need to avoid the sun and may have some degree of lowering of vision.
Battle of the SEXES. Genetically speaking: xx=female, xy=male. X-linked mean the affected gene is located on the x-chromosome, and in this case it is a recessive trait. So, for female, 1 good x and 1 affected x = ok because the good x "masks" the bad one. As for male, he only has 1 x..Thus if this x is affected, he has no other x to mask, only y, thus he has the disease. Genetic is fun, but can drive u nuts. Good luck.