I have a bunion on my left foot. I don't want to have surgery and am using a splint at night. Is there anything else I can do to try to correct it?

Grin and bear it. There is no way to correct a bunion without surgery; all you can do is treat the symptoms. That being said a bunion splint may take some of the stretch out of the joint and relieve tenderness and ice is often helpful. But don't fool yourself. A bunion is a structural mal-alignment of bones and you cannot tape, splint, brace, massage, support or hope it away.
Wider shoes/supports. There is not much you can do to stop the progression of the deformity. There are steps you can take to slow down the progression. Stay in a good, stiff shoe with extra arch support. Custom orthotics (foot supports) will to the best in improving foot function. Avoid barefoot and flimsy shoe gear. Splinting will not do much to protect the joint from this progressing. See your podiatrist. Dr l.
Not really. If you are using a splint at night this will help to relieve the pressure from the joint. Try to wear a shoe with a wide toe so not pressure is applied and use a toe spacer during the day to help keep the 1st toe straighter.
Bunion surgery. There are no braces or exercises to get rid of a bunion. If you have it surgically removed, there are several ways your surgeon could go about it. Depending on the angle of your bones (you'll need an x-ray), there are many different procedures to correct your foot. Some involve bone cuts and screws. You'll be swollen for several weeks, but the post-op pain does not last that long.