Is it safe to use hydrocortisone cream on lips?

Yes. For a few days it is not a problem. It is best ot identify cause- irritant from toothpaste, mouthwash, coloring agents, or side effect of drugs. Burt's bees beeswax products are safe for use on lip. Is there any history of reflux or allergy to any creams?

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I have eczema, I applied the hydrocortisone cream sparingly as prescribed by the doctor. However my lips became swollen and red. Whatshould I do?

Allergy? What you are describing sounds like it could be an allergic reaction to the cream that you used, I would stop the cream and go back to your doctor.

I applied 0.5 hydrocortisone cream to my to the head of penis, pubic area and scrotum and now the head of penis and scrotum feels somewhat numb. Help?

See answer. There is nothing in Hydrocortisone that is going to cause numbness. Possibly related to underlying dermatitis or your overall anxiety and perception/concerns regarding the current problem. Numbness is not an indicative sign of anything particularly serious in those areas, just a sensation. If you remain concerned and/or your condition worsens, then you should seek prompt and proper medical care.
Unusual. 0.5% Hydrocortisone is really too weak since even 1% is usually not potent enough. If the problem is persistent, you need to stop using it or perhaps try switching to an ointment. See a doctor if the problem fails to resolve or the numbness lasts more than a couple of day. Make sure that the cream does not have a local anesthetic mixed with it.

I have pimple redness on both sides of cheeks after waxing hair on my face. Is it safe to use hydrocortisone cream on both sides of cheeks.?

Yes. It is safe, but it may not be strong enough to be effective, depending on the severity of the irritant dermatitis. If it isn't, a dermatologist can prescribe something stronger for you.