Is there an herbal or alternative therapy to use instead of heparin?

I wouldn't try it. If you or someone you know is taking heparin, they require very accurate management of their coagulability (ability to make clots). It really requires the exact doses that manufactured pharmaceuticals posses with all of the fda mandated quality assurance that that entails.

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What is an herbal or alternative therapy to use in place of heparin?

Number of choices. A website which lists some of these is http://www.Med.Umich.Edu/1libr/aha/umherb04.Htm keep in mind however, that anticoagulant therapy must be monitored very carefully and should not be done without medical supervision. Also keep in mind that if it is being done during pregnancy, the medication or herb must be proven safe for the fetus. Just because it's 'natural' doesn't make it safe. Read more...