Does dermitis and ecmeza on penis cause itching it cracked on glans and under leaving scarring no itching ever biospy said perivascular dermatitis???

Non-specific. These are all non-specific terms. Perivascular dermatitis on biopsy is not a diagnosis. It is descriptive only. Cushing's syndrome? Iatrogenic or primary???? Treated? You need the most skilled attention to this. I hope you have a good dermatologist.

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Can perivascular dermatitis leave thinng scarring severely sensensitve skin on glans and under penis for years biospy said that it was but never ictch?

Here are some… Clinically, at least, I would like to congratulate for not being skin malignancy. Perivascular dermatitis is merely a descriptive term as seen on the microscope. But how this may be correlated with clinical picture is still unclear and how to manage your current condition is also uncertain. In facing current dilemma, One has to consider the balance between medical necessity and pro-possibility. Read more...