What medication can you take with fluoxetine to help with erectile dysfunction?

Many options! All oral pde-5 inhibitors, like cialis, levitra, (vardenafil) staxyn, stendra & viagra, work w/fluoxetine & other anti-depressants. However, you can't take these pde-5 inhibitors w/nitrates like nitroglycerin. You can also try alprostadil, either intrauretrhal (muse) or intracavernosal (caverject & edex) as a non-oral, non-pde-5 inhibitor, just in case you take nitrates or the orals don't work.
Fluoxetine with ED. Youcan take yohinbine and viagra (sildenafil) like drugs for ed along with fluoxetine.

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What medication can you take with fluoxetine to help erectile dysfunction?

Various. A number of medications (buspirone, bupropion, cyproheptadine) have been shown to be helpful to one extent or another for some people. Some herbs (rhodiola rosea, yohimbine) can be helpful as well, though yohimbine may be dangerous for folks with high blood pressure.
Consider stop Fluox. Consider switching to buproprion which is a good antidepressant but has fewer side effects. In general, antidepressants don't cause erectile dysfunction but often diminish a man's libido and inhibit ejaculation/orgasm. Also, get screened for low testostoreone which can cause depression.

What medication can you take while on fluoxetine to help with erectile dysfunction?

Depends. Any erectile dysfunction medication can be used. It depends on any other medications you may be on, so check with your physician.

What medication can you take with fluoxetine to conuteract erectile dysfunction?

Viagra-type meds. The only medications that seem to work consistently for ssri-induced sexual dysfunction are the pde-5 inhibitors (viagra, cialis, levitra). Other medication (e.g. Wellbutrin, (bupropion) ritalin, adderall, others) have been studied, but none has been shown to be consistently effective.
Newer antidepressant. Most ssri cause erectlle dysfunction however a newer drug called vilazodone shows promise in minimizing these side effects vilazodone is in a class of medications called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (ssris) and is also a 5ht1a receptor partial agonist. This type of receptor has been show to facilitate sexual behavior and arousal. But always evaluate your hormone status especially men.
ED and Prozac (fluoxetine) Generally ED is not caused by fluoxetine, rather ejaculatory dysfunction. All pd5 inhibitors (viagra, levitra, (vardenafil) cialis, staxyn) work well with those patients on fluoxetine. The pd5 may also help with delayed ejaculation as it may help you keep your erection longer.

I am experiencing erectile dysfunction. Because of what I believe is from my prescription fluoxetine. How can I get my erections back and when?

Your doc. Or a natural doc can test your hormone levels and rule out circulatory issues. Also, a clinical psychologist can teach you skills to keep from focusing on your "performance" which interferes also. Peace and good health. Please tell your prescribing doc about this. He/she may adjust/change your meds. Please don't do this w/out doctor's guidance.