How much stronger is dilaudid than hydrocodone?

5x. Hydrocodone's main mechanism of action is being metabolized into hydromorphone by the liver. On a mg basis i cosider hydromorphone to be 5-7.5 times more potent.

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I cannot get any relief. How much stronger is dilaudid than hydrocodone?

Dilaudid is much. Stronger then hydrocodone, somewhere in the 20 times stronger range and the jump should not be made from hydrocodone to Dilaudid (or oxymorphone). Speak with your physician about mid level opioids if you definitely need them, such as oxycodone. Also ask for long acting to help keep a steady state in your system to avoid peaks and troughs and decrease abuse potential. Read more...

How much stronger is dilaudid than hydrocodone and where can I get refills?

4 to 5 times. Dilaudid (hydromorphone) when taken orally is roughly 4 to 5 times more potent than oral hydrocodone. Both medications are controlled by the drug enforcement agency. Your physician will determine if you need this medication, in addition to other pain management therapies. Read more...