Would it be okay to take a 2mg dilaudid for a very painful ear infection?

Sure. If the pain is severe, its reasonable to take a low dose narcotic for pain, although normally from my experience anti-inflammatories at reasonable doses are sufficient to control pain and inflammation from an ear infection. Good luck!
Maybe. Not knowing your age or weight that is a difficult question to answer. If the pain is severe enough to require dilaudid, i would suggest seeing a primary care provider for examination and antibiotics, if necessary.

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I currently have some kind of outer ear infection. All my jaw and my ear bones are very painful. Also inflamated ear canal. I took ibuprohene but not helpful. Was wondering if 1mg dilaudid for pain and cyprofloxacin or corticosteroid drop would help?

Hard to say. It is clear you have made some assumptions about what is going on. Without a proper exam, it is hard to consider using a prescription at all, much less a controlled drug that might hide important symptoms. Drops only work in some ear conditions, not most. It is time to go to urgent care and have someone find out what is going on. Read more...