Which type of exercises can I do while taking coreg and coumadin (warfarin)?

Avoid traumtic exerc. Avoid potentially traumatic forms of exercise. Avoid contact sports. Walking, rowing, resistance training are examples! The Coumadin (warfarin) is the greatest concern because of bleeding issues. Make sure your INR and pt in in range!

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Can you tell me what kind of exercises can I do while taking coreg and coumadin (warfarin)?

Exercise. You can do the kind of exercises your physician who is prescribing the warfarin and Carvedilol advises. Exercise recommendation requires knowing the patients physiology and you could have various problems those drug combinations are used for.

Have persistent afib tee showed clots forming in heart have filter won't do tikocin for 4 weeks waiting for Coumadin (warfarin) to clear it on coreg any options?

What filter? Not sure what filter you're talking about, there are no filters for left atrial clots. Your only options at this point are anticoagulants like coumadin, (warfarin) pradaxa, eliquis, or xarelto; after which a repeat tee needs to be done and then I would not mess with tikosyn and instead go for electric cardioversion if there are no clots left. You then need to stay on the drug for one more month at least.