Does coreg (carvedilol) help mitral valve prolapse and does it causes hair loss?

Sort of, and yes. This is a bit outside my territory, but if memory serves, Coreg (carvedilol) is used to treat congestive heart failure and high blood pressure; so it might help to lessen some of the effects of mitral valve prolapse if it is severe enough, but it isn't designed specifically to treat it. As for hair loss, any drug can cause temporary hair loss. With time, the hair nearly always grows back.

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I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse about 15yrs ago, im not on any meds for it, will a infected tooth cause lightheadedness and pain in my head?

It Can. A dental abscess can certainly contribute to pain in the head and neck region, as well as your feeling lightheaded. With your history of MVP, you should see your dentist ASAP for the proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations for your infected tooth.
It's a long shot. It is quite unlikely that an infected tooth would cause pain and lightheadedness, but if you have a seizure, you should be especially concerned, and immediately ask for medical help. A fever would also be concerning. It would help to get the input of a dentist or cardiologist too, but it is my feeling this is not likely.
Of course. If the tooth is beginning to abscess, it can cause you to get seriously ill. It won't go away without treatment and the infection may spread to your jaw, cheeks, sinus and to other areas of your head and your. Body. Visit a dentist ASAP for abscess diagnosis and drainage.

Is there a relationship between mitral valve prolapse and memory loss and raynaud syndrome?

Maybe Ehlers-Danlos? Ehlers-danlos syndrome is a rare group of genetic disorders involving connective tissue. There are reports that some patients have memory loss, mitral valve prolapse, and raynaud's phenomenon. A primary care doctor, working together with a rheumatologist and a geneticist, should be able to evaluate and figure things out.
Complex issues. Mitral valve prolapse can worsen over time. Sometimes patients note cold extremities and memory problems. The function of the left ventricle is important. If the prolapse becomes moderate to severe you may have symptoms. Repair is possible early and can restore quality of life. See your doctor and you can always talk to a cardiac surgeon to get familiar.

Can mitral valve prolapse be related to unintentional weight loss?

Probably not. Mitral valve prolapse is a description of how the valve closes. It does increase the incidence of mitral regurgitation (leaking valve). I have not heard of it causing a patient to loose weight. I have seen patients with severe mitral regurge gain weight (retaining extra water from heart failure). I would look at other causes and discuss eith your physician.
NO. Many patients with mvp are thin and hyperactive. You need to look for other causes for weight loss.

I have a mitral valve prolapse and lately I have been experiencing a quick squeezing on my chest. What can be the cause of it? Should I worry?

Not MVP. The idea that mvp causes chest pain has never been proved and is probably false for most, if not all people. Your brief chest squeezing is likely muscular but if you have exertional pressure that is relieved by rest, have it checked out promptly.
NO. Mvp syndrome is an unique disease. It is associated with a lot of unusual symptoms. If you have palpitations, chest pain or dizzy spells, it may be wise to consult a doctor for some medications. If you suffer from anxiety it may help to treat that as well.

I have been diagnoised with mitral valve prolapse grade 1, is it a progressive disease or can it cause grade 4, or mitral regurgtisation?

MVP. Mild mvp could progress with time or stay stable. It will be important to know the characteristics of the valve at this point in time such as thickness and cord calcification. Please follow up with your doctor and if you experience sob or decrease exercise tolerance please let him or her know. Good luck.

Hello sir, can mitral valve prolapse causes death in 20 year old?

Not alone. Something added- bacterial endocarditis mitral valve rupture and failure arrythmia atrial fibrillation and clot and stroke.
Echo follow up. The mitral prolapse must be followed with echo cardiograms to identify when regurgitation (leakage) of the valve and heart enlargement starts to occur. The valve at that stage can be repaired. Prior to that the risk of sudden death is very low. Discus with your doctor the potential need for antibiotics when you have dental cleanings.
No. Mitral valve prolapse is a benign condition produced by a mitral valve that is "floppy". It can sometimes leak and is associated with occasional chest pain and rhythm issues. It does not increase your risk of death in and of itself but the other associated conditions can make you feel bad. The associated chest pain is not related to blocked arteries that can cause a heart attack.