Was addicted to opiates for years bc chronic nerve pain (CRP) Now on suboxone. Pain intolerable. Had surgery, lyrica, (pregabalin) gabapentin, (can't take NSAID - bleed.) Non -narcotic suggestion? Any help at all?

Think holistically. Medications are one way of controlling nerve pain. Pain is a complex holistic process. You may be able to decrease need for meds by addressing other issues. That includes nutrient status, stress or emotional trauma that may have accompanied or pre-dated the injury, and movement and use of the limb. It's a complex topic. You might look for a doc who does integrative or functional medicine.
Alternative therapy. Have you tried acupuncture? Are you exercising regularly? Also, meditation could help.
Pain or addiction. For addiction, the psychological and social issues are most important, group (mainly group) and individual counseling with suboxone works in the majority. While I cannot say in your particular case, nerve pain, is treated with practically Any pill that damps down nerves (anti-epileptics--lyrica/gabapentin/others; Lidocaine or Lidocaine like drugs--amitryptiline)