Can a healthy diet help prevent breast cancer?

Yes, partly. You can't completely prevent breast cancer with diet alone. However, a diet low in animal fat, low in alcohol (less than 4 drinks per week), and low in total calories will decrease your risk of breast cancer. Fat cells make estrogen, so if you are overweight, decreasing your weight and exercising regularly has been proven to decrease your risk!
Yep. Obesity increases your risk of developing several different types of cancers.
Maybe. Studies have shown that obesity, especially after menopause, is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. The effects of a high-fat diet are little less clear-cut, with conflicting data.

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What is the best healthy diet for breast cancer stage 3 people?

Food not the answer. Despite what the naturopaths say food doesn't effect disease and you can't cure cancer with wheat grass and tree bark.

30 years old, diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, breast cancer hereditary in family, try my best to eat healthy, did my diet bring this about?

No. I'm sorry to hear about your cancer. I hope you are doing well. Risk of cancer comes from genetic and environmental factors. There is no way of knowing exactly what caused your cancer but I suspect that genetic predisposition (family history) played a large part. You should follow the treatment plan recommended by your cancer doctor. Try to eat well and reduce stress. Do yoga or exercise weekly.
Absolutely not. Anybody who told you that your hereditary breast cancer was "caused by your eating wrong" is at best "misled". I'm sorry you have cancer. Nobody can stop "entertainment" / "junk" sites from making stuff up about diet and disease; most of what you read is lies. But the best scientific studies show little or no link between breast cancer and food choices. Trust you've had BRCA genetic testing.

Please let me know if there is a way to prevent breast cancer, health issues, by removing breast tissue but leaving nerves and putting an implant?

Yes, Many options av. Yes there are several ways to protect yourself from breast cancer depending on your family and personal history. A good oncologist can guide you. You have at least 3 options: be under close supervision of an expert who can screen and detect cancer early if it ever appears on the scene. Prophylactic mastectomy is an option but not recommended. Preventive medicines are available and are quite effect.

Does tamoxifen help prevent breast cancer?

Yes. Tamoxifen use may reduce the development of breast cancer in high-risk patients by about 50%. There are risks associated with tamoxifen, so the decision whether to take this medication is based upon an individual patient's risk:benefit analysis.
Yes - ER+ breast CA. The p-1 trial showed in high risk women tamoxifen decreased the risk of er+ tumors by 40-50% (no difference in er- tumors) over palcebo. The p-2 or star trial compared tamoxifen to raloxifene/evista and saw similar overall benefits with some slight variations. Recently, a new trial has shown 65% reduction benefit for the aromatase inhibitor Exemestane over placebo.
Recurrence. It prevents recurrence in women with estrogen receptor positive tumors.
And new primaries. Tamoxifen blocks estrogen and Progesterone receptors which when stimulated can cause remnant cancer cells to be stimulated to grow back and also can cause normal cells to be overstimulated to develop into new hormonally sensitive cancer. Statistically it reduces the chance of recurrence by 30% and reduces the chance of a second primary by 50%.
Secondary Prevention. Tamoxifen also can be used to prevent breast cancer in the other breast as well as "secondary prevention" of breast cancer in patients who are at higher than normal risk of developing breast cancer.

1 doc on here mentioned avoiding bpa plastics to help prevent breast cancer. What are bpa plastics?

I wouldn't worry. Medicine's way too big for any physician to know everything. Even physicians fall for "pop" claims -- in this case, a huge 1990's disinformation campaign by the militant environmental organization to the effect that synthetics were nonsteroidal Estrogens and the principal cause of breast cancer. The irony is seeing the same crooks eating tofu, loaded with non-steroidal estrogens.
Very Tough Issue. Bpa is a hot topic, nowadays. Microwaving the plastic seems to worsen the problem. Unfortunately, washing the plastic is just as bad. Even more unfortunately, bpa-free plastic, which you can buy, seems to be just as bad or worse! (http://healthland. Time. Com/2011/03/08/study-even-bpa-free-plastics-leach-endrocrine-disrupting-chemicals/) consider microwaving on glass?

What to do to help prevent breast cancer after you start taking birth control pills?

Be healthy. There is little to do to "prevent" breast cancer. Living a healthy active lifestyle, maintaining as lean a body weight as possible, not smoking and using alcohol only in moderation are reasonable choices no matter what.