Is there a connection between cardiac arrest and brain damage?

Yes. cardiac arrest leads to lack of blood flow to the brain and after just a few minutes there is usually irreversible damage.
Yes. When the heart stops (cardiac arrest) blood and oxygen are no longer provided to the organs in the body. The brain is one of the most sensitive organs in such a situation and can have permanent damage if CPR is not started (or spontaneous cardiac function does not occur) in as little as 5 minutes when the body is at normal temperature.Anoxic Brain Injury can occur when other organs are unharmed.

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How much time can a person be in cardiac arrest and survive with little to no brain damage when they are in icy?

Varies. Less than 5 minutes is the normal temperature answer. There have been anecdotal events of people that have been hours in icy water that regain consciousness with no brain damage, it is thought to be due to a decrease in metabolism. No real time known due to the fact that we can't really experiment to find out, and we only see it when it happens in real life. Not so common. Read more...

My grandmother of age 70 got cardiac arrest and hypoxic brain injury occured. How long it will take to recover?

Well . The majority of the recovery occurs the first three or four days. Then there can be some slow recovery of brain function. You really need to ask your neurologist or intensive care doctor what they think the prognosis is and what progress she's making. Read more...