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Have you heard and what do you think of candesartan for migraines. I have daily migraines and my neurologist want to try me on this.?

Not a bad option. Ordinarily candesartan is a medication used to treat high blood pressure. In your case, if typical anti-migraine medications haven't worked, or if you are unable to take them, this medication could treat the underlying cause of your headaches and make them go away. I would try it per your neurologist's recommendations and see if it helps you.

Taking 32mg candesartan/atacand for migraines for 6 months. Normal weight and BP history. Botox fixed the migraines. How do I wean off the BP meds?

Carefully. YOu need to see your doctor that prescribed the meds. If the botox fixed your headache that is very good. You will still need to taper off the meds. See your doctor to get the directions in how to do this. Be alert as the fix for the migraines may be temporal. IN other words they may come back. Best wishes.