Are mammograms painful?

Yes but not for long. A woman's breast is squeezed as flat as possible for a couple seconds while the x ray is taken. It hurts, but it doesn't last long. Most women have no problem tolerating it. It shouldn't keep you from having it done if your doctor recommends it.
Sometimes. Mammogram is usually associated with little discomfort. If your breast is already sore there is more pain with the mammogram. The degree of the compression used can affect the degree of soreness too. I see that you are 24 years old. It will be very unusual for you to need a mammogram at your age. If you feel you have a breast problem, it would be best to have a medical evaluation first.
Most women. experience some mild discomfort during the few seconds of breast compression. Some barely feel anything, and a few with more sensitive breasts report that there is pain. For the vast majority of patients it is a well tolerated procedure.
Simple & easy. You will be taken into a room with the mammogram machine. Your breast will be put between 2 plates (ask for a soft pad on the bottom). Once the picture is taken the compression (squeeze) is released instantly. The purpose of the squeeze is to flatten out your natural breast lumps so that abnormalities can be seen.If you have tender breasts, consider taking a pain medicine 1 hour before.
Fora few seconds. Under 30 year old with no family history of breast cancer should start with a physical exam and ultrasound for imaging.