Gout - can I take prednisone at the same time as I am taking allopurinol?

Yes. There is no reason not to take Prednisone at the same time as taking allopurinol.
Yes. There is no problem taking the two drugs together. The Allopurinol should eventually control the gout attacks by lowering the serum uric acid to the point where attacks of gout are rare.
Yes. I rarely use Prednisone for any period for gouty arthritis attacks. Sometimes i give steroids within the inflammed joints, which works faster, or give one shot im of steroids . I do use Colchicine almost always, but instead of using Colcrys (the only colchicne that can be sold-ridiculously priced, I use probenecid/colchicine-much cheaper and generic. I gradually start with 100mg Allopurinol & up.