Help! Is it possible to have a lot of cafe au lait spots and not have neurofibromatosis?

Possible. NIH diagnostic criteria for NF1 with two or more of following features:1)6 or more café-au-lait macules over 5 mm in diameter prepubertal individuals over 15 mm in greatest diameter in postpubertal..2) 2or more neurofibromas or one plexiform neurofibroma.3)Freckling in armpit or groin areas4)Optic glioma (optic nerve tumor)5) > 2 Lisch nodules(iris of eye)6)typical bone lesions 7)1deg relative nf1.
Yes it is possible. Diagnosis of NF is dependent on a multitude of findings. There are many requirements including a certain amount of café au lait spots, freckles in the axilla, neurofibromas found on the skin, optic gliomas, bone defects, to name some. It might not be clear cut in some cases.