Young child with chiggers. What can I do?

Treating chiggers. Chiggers are nasty little bugs that emerge in the spring & love to to bore into the skin surface along beltlines.I've had some success using topocal oily preparations, wd40 works for me, applied directly to the bite site.It releaves some of the itching quickly. I've had some mos report using baby oil the same way.A cold compress over any itching site decreases that sensation almost immediately.
Get Chiggers off . Skin asap by rubbing w a cloth or showering in warm water w soap. You can apply Hydrocortisone cream or take oral antihistamines for itching. There are products you can buy specifically to treat chiggers. Chigger bites usually resolve in 1 to 2 weeks w/o treatment. Get medical eval for infection.