What is occult neuroblastoma?

Difficult to say. Neuroblastoma is a pathological diagnosis depending upon a certain tissue type. It may be referring to a variant of neuroblastoma, since neuroblastoma is well known to evolve into more mature or less malignant tissue types like ganglioneuroma. Etc.
No symptom nerve Ca. Neuroblastoma is most common solid cancer in children developing outside the brain + most common cancer in kids<2 years-of-age. Now can present at prenatal ultrasound & confirmed after birth. Most commonly occur in adrenal gland, but also in abdomen, chest and in tissue of sympathetic nervous system. Occult cases are non-symptomatic eg found by serendipity at abdo. Ultrasound or feeling a lump.
Asymptomatic. An occult neuroblastoma is a type of brain tumor that does not cause any symptoms.

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What does occult neuroblastoma mean?

Neuroblastoma. I have not heard of the term "occult" neuroblastoma - a patient either has a neuroblastoma or does not, the use of the term "occult" is not typically used here. Read more...
Can't find primary.. This term has been used for children who present with opsoclonus (irregular rapid eye movements) and myoclonus (muscle twitching) due to a presumed antibody generated by the immune system that recognizes neuroblastoma cancer cells as well as normal tissues in the body (resulting in the opsoclonus and myoclonus); however, the neuroblastoma is so small that it can't be seen by imaging (=occult). Read more...