Could temporal lobe epilepsy contribute towards schizophrenia?

May be misdiagnosed. TLE doesn't contribute or lead to schizophrenia but it might be misdiagnosed as it. An EEG will show it and not schizophrenia. And, if well treated, visual hallucinations will be gone, so to be well Dx'd really matters. Definitely see a neurologist and/or a neuropsychologist specializing in TLE. It could make a huge difference. If it's you and it's new - it's likely too. 44's a bit old for new Sz.
Co-morbidities. The two are separate disorders, but could co-exist. However, not unique for temporal lobe epilepsy to cause a psychiatric disorder called Geschwin syndrome which involves multiple psychiatric abnormalities, and if severe, might be close in patterns to a simple schizophrenic pattern. Would closely evaluate a patient with epilepsy who develops significant emotional disorder.