Can staph infection spread thru the air? Any answers appreciated!

No. Staph infections are only spread by direct contact. This can be with the infection on the person, or in contact with things like towels and soiled clothes. Good hand washing will prevent spread to you. Clean out tubs and showers with a bleach solution to kill bacteria on surfaces.

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My 1 yr old has a case of staph infection I think, I covered either bandaid after cleaning him, and now it seems the bandaid made it spread.

Bandage sensitivity? Bandages, when replaced regularly, generally would not cause an infection to spread. More likely scenarios would include a) a hypersensitivity to the bandage material itself or b) natural progression of the infection. Your pediatrician should be able to help you sort this out! Best wishes... Read more...

Can staph infection eat away at bone? Any answers appreciated!

Rarely osteomyelitis. Deep staph infection can penetrate skin, fat, muscle and enter the bone as osteomyelitis. This is rare. MRSA or methicillin resistant staph aureus is a dangerous bacterium. Read more...